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New Smyrna Beach Business Insurance

New Smyrna Beach Business Insurance

The main business policy form, HOWEVER as is the case in insurance, one policy does not fit all of your risks or exposures, general liability has many exclusions - worker and auto injuries are the most notable, there are many many more. The basic description for general liability is an insurance policy that covers a company for damage to other peoples' property or injures a non-employee. It does not cover that actual work that was done. In addition if you make an item, product liability is needed, if you are the direct importer you are held liable for product liability.

Workers Compensation

Injury to employees only. Florida requires coverage when certain employee counts are met. Employees are defined under Florida Statutes 440. It is wise to seek legal advice BEFORE you pay an employee, hire a temp, use volunteers or decide on using W2 or not, simply paying someone as an independent contractor or 1099 will not prevent you from liability. Companies get into trouble with employee counts and considering what is an employee, plus payroll totals. Liability does not end because under Florida Law you are "Exempt".

Business Property

Protecting you business property is covered by two forms and can be covered with liability under one policy known as a Business Owners Policy (BOP). Business Property is what you own not building related inventory equipment etc. Business Building coverage is for the building itself with or without build outs.


Employer Practices Liability Insurance-coverage for wrongful hiring and firing of employees, this is the only type of insurance that protects you for this, premiums tend to be inexpensive and affordable, a necessity today with companies that have frequent turnover or have many employees, size does not matter it is a wise policy to have as general liability will not cover this.


Covers you if an employee commits theft and other criminal actions, that are excluded with other policies, they are inexpensive, adds to a comprehensive business insurance plan. Excellent for board members, officers, service oriented companies.

Commercial Auto

Your company owned vehicles must be covered under a commercial auto or business auto policy. We quote 1-5 cars and above with fleet coverage. This policy covers the gaps in the other policy types, discounts for having liability or BOP.

DISCLAIMER Consult with a business attorney on how to organize your company and reduce your exposures through insurance,proper hiring techniques,review of leases or contracts with vendors and customers THIS website is not for legal advice.